Connect Bude

Campaigning to re-connect Bude and Holsworthy

Line Monitoring

Nestled in the heart of Cornwall, England, lies a silent testament to a bygone era: the Okehampton to Bude Rail Track Bed. This disused railway line, steeped in history, holds a unique charm for nature enthusiasts and explorers alike. But who keeps watch over this forgotten path? Enter Connect Bude.

The Importance of Monitoring

Connect Bude’s monitoring efforts serve a greater purpose than simply safeguarding the past. It’s about:

  • Preserving Local Heritage: The Okehampton to Bude line is a tangible reminder of the region’s rich industrial past. Monitoring ensures this legacy is recorded and protected for future generations.
  • Informing Future Development: Data collected through monitoring can contribute to well-informed decisions regarding the track bed’s future use. Whether it remains a haven for nature, a footpath or finds a new purpose with a new railline, responsible development can be achieved.
  • Promoting Community Engagement: Monitoring activities can spark public interest in local history and encourage responsible interaction with this unique space.

While the Okehampton rail was still not open, we took the opportunity to record the old rail route with Trevor Streeter skills as a drone operator. We thank him for his time and permission to use his footage.