Connect Bude

Campaigning to re-connect Bude and Holsworthy

Railfuture Bus Link Project

The focus of this initiative will be on enhancing the bus service between Bude and Okehampton. By improving this vital link, we aim to generate significantly more passenger traffic at Okehampton station, strengthening the case for a direct rail connection to Bude in the future.

To gather the necessary evidence to support our goals, we’ll be creating a comprehensive survey. This survey will play a crucial role in understanding the current bus service between Bude and Okehampton, its strengths, weaknesses, and how it can be better integrated with rail services at Okehampton.

We will keep you informed on this page of our progress.

We at Connect Bude are incredibly grateful for the financial support provided by Railfuture. Their contribution is invaluable in helping us move forward with this important project.

You can read more about the Railfture Fighting Fund here.