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Over 250,000 Journeys in Just One Year for Dartmoor Line

Over 250,000 Journeys in Just One Year for Dartmoor Line

The Dartmoor Line is chugging into the future after a hugely successful first year. Since its grand reopening in November 2021, the line has surpassed a quarter-million passenger journeys, exceeding initial forecasts by more than double. This surge in ridership particularly delights us here at Connect Bude, the local public transport advocacy group, as it highlights a clear local demand for convenient and sustainable public transport.

The benefits of the Dartmoor Line extend far beyond passenger numbers. Improved connectivity is fostering economic growth in Okehampton and surrounding communities. Tourists now have a greener way to explore the beauty of Dartmoor National Park, while students can access educational opportunities in Exeter with ease. Additionally, the line helps alleviate traffic congestion on the A30, contributing to a more sustainable transportation network.

The story of the Dartmoor Line is a shining example of the positive impact public transport can have on communities and the environment. As Devon County Councillor Andrea Davis remarks, “The return of rail services has had a transformational impact,” highlighting the line’s role as an economic driver and a catalyst for a greener future.

If you would like to read more – you can do so on The Dartmoor Line website.