Connect Bude

Campaigning to re-connect Bude and Holsworthy

Bude Climate Festival: Strong Support for Connect Bude!

Bude Climate Festival: Strong Support for Connect Bude!

Connect Bude had a fantastic time at the Bude Climate Festival this past Saturday. We spoke in detail with at least 50 members of the public throughout the day, and the overwhelming message was clear: there’s a strong desire to see rail return to Bude.

Frustrations with Current Bus Service

A major theme in our conversations was the disappointment with the existing bus connection between Bude and Okehampton Station. People highlighted issues with frequency, reliability, and the tight connection times for catching trains. This clearly demonstrates the need for a more efficient and integrated public transport system.

Reopening the Bude Railway: Questions and Enthusiasm

Many festival-goers were curious about the possibility of reopening the railway. Common questions included:

  • “Do you really think the railway will ever be reopened to Bude?”
  • “Will the railway be able to use the original trackbed?”
  • “Where will the station be in Bude?”

These inquiries highlight the public’s interest in the project and its potential impact.

Looking Ahead: Advocating for Improved Transportation

As quoted by Richard Wolfenden-Brown, Chair of Connect Bude: “It was absolutely apparent that people embrace our aspiration to reinstate rail to Bude, whilst pointing out the current frustrations regarding the almost-useless bus service that fails to link reliably with the trains at Okehampton. It is vital that we continue to encourage the two councils, the M.P.s and Stagecoach to put in place a reliable integrated virtual branch line bus service to the proposed Okehampton Parkway station next year. We must also continue to campaign to get the current service improved asap in the short term.”

Connect Bude’s mission to bring back rail to Bude clearly resonates with the community. The current bus service simply isn’t meeting the needs of residents. We need to push for a more dependable and integrated transport system that includes a reliable bus connection to the planned Okehampton Parkway station, alongside continued efforts to improve the current service.

Join the Movement!

Connect Bude is actively campaigning for a better public transport future for Holsworthy and North Cornwall. If you share this vision, we encourage you to join our cause and lend your voice! Together, we can make rail a reality for Bude once again.