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The West Devon Transport Hub Plan

The West Devon Transport Hub Plan

We at Connect Bude are excited to hear about the plans for a new railway station in Okehampton, as part of the Dartmoor Line. The West Devon Transport Hub, which is expected to open in 2025, will be a major boost for the region’s transport infrastructure.

The new station will be located about 2.2 kilometers north of the existing Okehampton station and will have one platform with step-free access. It will also include a car park with disabled bays and electric car charging points, a bus stop, and cycle parking.

The new station is expected to improve connections to jobs, education, and other opportunities in the area. It will also help to reduce traffic congestion in Okehampton town center.

We at Connect Bude believe that the new station will be a valuable asset to the West Devon region and will help to improve transport links for businesses and residents alike. We are hopeful that the new station will also lead to improvements in bus connections from North Cornwall to the area.

In addition to the new station, we would also like to see further investment in bus services in the region. This would help to ensure that everyone has access to the new station and can benefit from the improved transport links it will provide. We hope it’s another step towards North Cornwall and Holsworthy’s rail stations.

We believe that the new station, improved active travel and bus services will play a vital role in supporting economic growth in West Devon. By improving transport links, we can make it easier for businesses to attract and retain staff, and for residents to access jobs, education, and training opportunities. We want to see more of this for North Cornwall.

We look forward to working with the government, local authorities, and other stakeholders to make the most of the opportunities presented by the new railway station.

More about the project can be found on The Dartmoor Line’s West Devon Transport Hub website.