Connect Bude

Campaigning to re-connect Bude and Holsworthy

Bude-Okehampton 6 Bus Timetable (March 2024)

Bude-Okehampton 6 Bus Timetable (March 2024)

NB: Please see our post about the newer April timetable here.

Planning a trip between Bude and Okehampton? Here’s the timetable as of March 2024 for the Stagecoach 6 bus route.

Detailed Timetables

Looking for the exact timings? You can access more timetables from the Stagecoach Website, or from which is the unofficial home of bus, coach, tram and ferry transport information.

Connect Bude: Advocating for a Better Bus Service

We are actively lobbying for improvements, including:

  • Faster journey times: A more direct route with fewer stops could significantly reduce travel time.
  • Increased frequency: More regular buses throughout the day would make it easier to plan trips and reduce waiting times.
  • Improved connectivity to the rail network: A direct link to Okehampton Station and better timing for the trains would provide seamless access to regional and national rail services.
  • Liveried bus service: Clear paintwork or signs on a direct bus to Bude and Holsworthy would be much clearer for visitors to spot and help drivers realise the greener puiblic transport option.

We believe a faster, more direct, and more regular bus service is essential for North Cornwall’s residents and visitors. Stay tuned for future updates on our progress in advocating for these improvements.